Reviewing the primary chamber of a G1800 in the new facility for Addfield

Since moving into our new Burntwood factory back in April of 2017, our growth has shown no signs of slowing down.

During the past year, we have taken on a record number of incredibly varied projects. Alongside receiving a constant stream of orders for our traditional range of incinerators, we have also began completing a number of what can only be described as massive high capacity installations.

If you have been out to visit our factory this year you will have seen it becoming busier and increasingly crowded as it became filled with machines at all stages of production. To ensure that we can continue delivering you outstanding machines we knew it was time to grow again and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Fortunately for us it was on our side as in early September the unit next door became available and within a week we had agreed and collected the keys to an additional 16,000 square foot to expand into. Collecting the keys to our new unit is giving us incredible potential for the future. We will be able spread our expert workforce between the two connected sites and maintain our very busy work load to ensure the machines we produce are to the highest standard that you have grown to rely on.

If you haven’t been to see us in a while this is a perfect reason to come visit as new unit is currently housing one of the largest primary chambers that we have worked on since moving into our new premises standing at an impressive 3.4metres high and 12metres in length we certainly need the extra space. Lining up along several mansize secondary chamber parts and a dozen machines due for delivery in the next couple of weeks. We are certainly growing into our success.