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Addfield medical incinerators are transforming lives in more than 95 countries. We are recognised as the supplier of choice for many international aid agencies, environmental service providers, and government departments. 

Our range of machines will provide you with reliable incineration for the secure and complete destruction of all medical waste including; Contagious, Biological and Pathological waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Solid Waste, Chemical Laboratory, Hospital, Clinical and other Hazardous materials.

The market leaders due to our innovation and build quality. When you decide to invest in an Addfield machine you will receive a machine that will last you for many years into the future. Additionally, due to our advanced construction methods including a thickened steel outer shell and triple layered brick based refractory, you will save 40% on your running costs.  All of our are machines are manufactured to extremely high standards in the UK using only the highest grade materials, we stand by our promise of ‘Simply Built Better’.

Addfield MP 500 Waste Disposal Pathological Cut Out
MP200 Medical Waste Incinerator Cut Out

Solutions for your waste.

Our core medical incinerators are Medical Pathological (MP) and General Medical (GM) ranges.  Each machine is expertly engineered to be able to handle your waste, rapidly installed and easily maintained in any environment. 

Our MP and GM machines are available in sizes ranging from 100Kg – 8000Kg loading capacity.  Professionally designed to fit into any environment from a compact clinical laboratory through to a full-sized hospital.

We also manufacture a range of High Capacity and bespoke hospital medical waste processing and heat recovery plants.

Industry leading options.

There are a lot of factors you should keep in mind when comparing the price of an incinerator, our machines are 40% more fuel efficient and manufactured to extremely high standards using only the highest grade materials.

Delivering advanced features making your incineration process more effective. You are able to choose from manual and automatic loading, including bin tipper and ram chargers.  Additional filtration options include our Venturi flue gas scrubber, additional options to match your exact requirements are available.

All our machines are manufactured in the UK to meet your unique requirements in mind, matching our solution to your problem.

Manufactured to order

 Professionally made by our expert craftsmen in the UK we are able to give you the opportunity to include additional options such as Advanced Filtration Systems, Continuous Loading, Waste to Energy, Venturi Wet Scrubber..

Worldwide Support 

Our machines are changing lives around the world. We are the manufacturer of choice for many of the worlds largest aid agencies, environmental services, and government bodies. 

Selected to deliver solutions for the secure destruction of all types of waste management including Contagious, Biological and Pathological waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Solid Waste, chemical laboratory, Hospital, Clinical and other hazardous materials.
MP100 Africa

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We are the experts in Biowaste management and showcasing the best of British, you can rely on us with over 35 years of experience, in designing and manufacturing the most robust, reliable and efficient incinerators available.  There is one clear reason that our medical incinerators are trusted in over 95 countries and that’s the Addfield promise of ‘Simply Built Better’. We have a broad selection of incinerators for sale each designed to manage your requirements perfectly.

Incineration is a safe way to treat your biological, and pharmaceutical waste. Ideal for disposing of all Hospital waste including sharps bin prior to needle disposal.  It is important to note that incineration will not destroy metal waste however it will fully sterilise it reducing the risks of cross-contamination and preparing it for the next stage of your waste management plan where it can be safely recycled.